Who the hell reads my blog? Probably no-one. If so, then why do I write this? Dunno lol 🤷🏻. — Testing a post type called aside.

Updated My Journal (2018 – week11)

This week was mainly about fixing ixbar3000. It seems that the included SDL.dll has to be in the root directory of ixbar3000 for it to work. The next update will have that correctly setup. In addition to that I refactored the previous “virtual functions” into “joystick functions”, with much cleaner code.
Also theme on this site was upgraded and should now work better(?). As always there will be some complications, but everything seems to work.


  • np21nt does what np2nt doesn’t and thus: PC98 loader now handles CDs!!
  • Fixed joystick controls on windows. It’s as buggy as on Linux, but atleast it doesn’t throw error anymore.
  • Fixed several joystick-defects! Now it’s nearly flawless. History-mode is not usable with joystick yet.

g2p & g3p

no progress…


いけ!いけ!いけ! カモメ団

One of the greatest Final Fantasy games is definitely FFX-2. I’m over 100 hours in on the PS4 HDRemake and for extra challenge I play the Japanese version. Got stuck at lv40 of the Via Infinito where an elemental 1HKO’d my party with a flare… But at the bottom of that 100-level cave is a trophy that I want. The creature feature is quite convenient as the game plays itself so I have time to do something else.


And for something more interesting, I upgraded the wordpress theme here. Now we have nice menus! The last one “Layers” was not updated for 10 years so it lacks some features.


design/implement research to g2p. Improve ixbar3000.

Updated My Journal (2018 – week10)

My rig is unstoppable! With the 4GB of RAM, well I don’t even know what to do with all that. So yeah, the DDR2 fit well and I’m sure that’ll come handy if I run any java or python bloat. On the projects both ixbar3000 and g2p progressed some.


  • Amiga loader has some issues with the new main loader. Fixed those.
  • PC98 metadata… ~100
  • PC98 found out why some items failed to boot because “no mouse driver was present”. Fixed loader to handle these.
  • Advanced loader info now in the site!
  • (minor) refactoring!

godot 2 project

  • Exported 15 buildings as a test to show on the map. While not really important they do liven the map quite a bit.
  • 20 units ready for some fancy action!
  • Techroom camera has now dynamic scrolling thus looks and behaves much nicer than the previous iteration. Though there’s still some issues with zooming and border items.
  • Fixed the first turn so that it shows playerdata too.
  • Added a shortcut key to control the datapanels.
  • Improved GUI elements.
  • Units no longer do negative capturing.

godot 3 project

Using blender to make the buildings improved my blender skills.


g2p and ixbar3000 are progressing nicely so I’ll continue with those. g3p lags since the main programmer has other thing to do (like shoveling snow and buying shitty cars).
g2p needs research implemented so that’ll be prioritized.