Updated My Journal (2018 – week16)

Time flies. ixbar3000 is progressing and I made so that the previously failed items are included in the phase 3, since they should work now. It took way more time than I estimated. Still ~300 items remaining.  Should I dedicate all my time into this, it’ll take no longer than 2 weeks, 3 days minimum.

On godot, I did some refactoring on the AI part so it should be easier to add the final call (also improving its quality — it’s way too linear now). And I plan to upgrade my Godot from 2.0.1 to 2.1.4 and I hope that it won’t brick my projects. If the upgrade goes well, then I’ll have much improved usability on the editor, which would be nice.

Random stuff: I’m soon done with FF X-2. Did some painting-learning (faces are hard). Gained 1kg!

Goal for the next week:

  • ixbar3000: Do ~100 items on PC-98
  • g2p: Implement last AI call (item buy/equip)
  • g2p2: basic chibis.

What the heck is g2p2? Well, that’s the project name the other godot project that I’m doing co-op with a friend. This will be cool if we’re able to do this.

Updated My Journal (2018 – week15)

ixbar3000’s PC-98 integration is soon done! (+340).

With my godot projects, unfortunately not much progress. Third week in a row, this is not the streak I want! On the side project: I talked with my colleague, who is really interested in AI about the design of a project I did previously and we try to cooperate with yet another project. Hopefully we’re able to finish it this time. And I’ll have to put some hours to that later.

I really wish godot 3 would run on my computer, but I’ll have to wait for the 3.1 to be released. It has some really cool stuff in it, like you know, documentation. My archaic 2.0.1 is kind of obsolete.

🇫🇮🏒 Finnish Ice Hockey Playoffs 2018 — Finals — Tappara vs. Kärpät
TAP 0-2 KÄR — Things are not going well.