Updated My Journal (2018W46)

I found this directory of unsorted junk on one of my HDD’s, sorting that took some time and I’ll finish that this weekend. Other than that I finished a Dragon painting. And I finished DeusEx4. I wish they used Unreal Engine like the first two did. This new engine that they use one that is really buggy.

Next weeks update should have more dev-stuff in it.
… we’ll see.

Updated My Journal (2018W44)

Aah, Japan was great! Went to TGS18, Reitaisai, Comic1, and some other events, drank plenty of sake and got a lot of loot. But enough talk, back to work. Nothing of importance was created within the last week. There’s a new piece of art at my dA, but nothing great. Next week I’ll do a meta-plan and continue with life and everything.
⚰️ RIP Ben Daglish.