Updated My Journal (2019W09)

Ok. time to stop slacking off and update my journal for a while! It’s been 3 months since last one? Well this was because I have internet now and it killed my productivity very efficiently.


I got feedback on the game and it was well received. I should do the battlesystem better and add animations and then another build.


Combining other projects here since lack of progress.
g2p2 — waiting for the AI module, but this might be done only after godot3.1 gets out.
incoming new server — I will get access to a new server soon to test some devops tools. The current server doesn’t handle much these days.
godot-techdemo — I was playing with polygons and A*-functinons. This might evolve into something bigger after godot 3.1. I think that my version 2.15 has some issues that are resolved in the latter releases. copying polygon parameters for example doesn’t work, but people on discord say it does.
Learning NodeJS — Yeah I might as well try this. Last time I tried js, it was horrible, but things seem to be better now.
ixbar3000 — Finally version 0.31 is out!

Updated My Journal (2018W49)

Alright, I’m back on the action! I added some help-text on the g2p. Also began working on the tutorial-mode, but not sure how big part that’ll be.
I did some stress-tests with godot, but that was a dismal failure. It seems that my CPU and/or godot can’t handle more than 500 physics bodies so I still can’t start working with my masterplan. At the moment it seems that the only solution is to learn C++ and SDL, but no way in hell that I’m going through that again. With godot I can at least have some output, turn-based, but output.
Other stuff: I might get internet. WP got upgraded again (hopefully nothing breaks).

For next week I’ll implement the battle-animation-subsystem. Also more help-text shall appear. — Like a legendary captain once said, “Make it so”.

Updated My Journal (2018W48)

November was a bust. not much was done and alpha-team didn’t do anything, which means that my plans of putting g2p to beta will not happen. A lesson learned: never trust free help. A new approach for the testing is now on works.
I downloaded deb-file of the qtractor in hopes of that installing and then midi-magick will happen. I don’t need to be a master, but knowing some simple melodies and chords would be cool.
I tied to do art, a Ferrari Testarossa, but it looked like a saab 900, so that failed!