Updated My Journal (2018 – week8)


Epic win!
Updated parsers and loaders for the following systems:
Fujitsu FM-7, Sharp X1, NEC PC-6001, NEC PC-8001 and NEC PC-98
New loader made for NEC PC-88.
And all it took was a half a bottle of rum and one weekend!

Though there are few issues remaining.

  • PC-8001 – The best emulator is written in java, this makes the loading complicated. I’m looking for alternatives. It’s not a huge loss anyways.
  • PC-98 – I have no idea how to mount/use CD-images with NP2. The loader skips all CD’s for now.

Progress on PC-98 metadata/images:
Patch 1/3 done with a total of 764 titles.

Few brave souls tested ixbar3000 on a mac! And to my surprise it does start! I have no idea whether it works as supposed though. It is a bit quirky as mac want’s to be different, but if all goes well, I may add macOS as supported platforms for ixbar3000.

godot 2 project

  • Used mogrify to scale the 20 unit images to uniform size and fixes the code accordingly.
  • Did some prototyping on how the buildings show on map. This is something blender would be good at as I could take 2 renders: one from above and other from ground level.

godot 3 project

  • No progress :(


Improve ixbar3000 further and g2p will get backup and refactoring done. If possible the game could be made playable, with minimum resources or at least test if it’s any good with what I have.