Updated My Journal (2018 – week9)

This week most of my free time was invested into my 2d game. in addition to backup and refactoring the AI and usability was improved too. The game is not yet playable, as AI needs to do research and equipping items. Also initial setup and end states needs to be implemented.

ixbar3000 was slightly improved too (metadata only).

godot 2 project

  • AI no longer gets lost and can now conquer the entire map! (Domination Victory)
  • Minimap has faction colours.
  • units are visible on mainmap (kind of)


  • the lack of female characters disturbs me
  • need to export items
  • need to make buildings
  • blender stuff! buildings would be better when done with this, could give synergy to g3p


Minor progress only. Added some kogado stuff. Processed images.

Progress on PC-98 metadata/images:
Working on patch 2/3 with a total of 920 titles.

godot 3 project

No Progress.


A friend gave me 2 x 2GB DDR2 RAM for my machine! if it fits it would double the RAM of my main rig up to 4 GB!!

and for the next week I shall improve ixbar3k even further and do something undecided with g2p.


Got some loot from Japan!