Updated My Journal (2019W24)

Holiday over! Japan was fun. I don’t have much time for a full update, but a small recap might be in order.

Good things happened!

F&P made peace with Stardock, everyone wins! This means great things for the Ur-Quan Universe. Not much is out yet but the news makes me happy.

New Licences for DoAX3F! Lei-Fand and Misaki are now playable (though DLC) characters in PS4’s DoAX3! Hopefully Team Ninja releases rest of the girls too. At least Tina and Christie.

Road to JLPT4

While in Japan, I noticed that my verbal skills are much better than my written skills. JLPT4 should not be too impossible, but the grammar might be. But then again, I might actually learn some basics that I’ve missed.
(… Technically I could go for JLPT3 too, but I don’t want to lose all my spare time)