Updated My Journal (2019W31)

A Sad week of technical failures. Random crashes on my new machine is not something I enjoy. It’s probably the RAM or the SSD. But I chose to migrate back to the old machine, at least it’s stable. Before the last crash I was researching this nice monitoring tool called grafana. It’s really nice tool for any graphical plotting, and man do I have ideas for that.

I was also thinking about ixbar3000 and it’s physical manifestation. I’ll probably so my very own case for it and fill it with relatively good parts. But as for the software. Well I’d need to severely upgrade ixbar3k’s canvas mode. Or port ixbar3000 from tck/tk to something with more bling, like godot. It would not need to be such multipurpose ũber-tool, but much simpler. Some issues I’d face are:

  • ↘️ Godot doesn’t support databases! but json.
  • ↘️ Porting takes time, a commodity I don’t have.
  • ↗️ UX would be much better as godot would be perfect for multimedia.