Updated My Journal (2018 – week16)

Time flies. ixbar3000 is progressing and I made so that the previously failed items are included in the phase 3, since they should work now. It took way more time than I estimated. Still ~300 items remaining.  Should I dedicate all my time into this, it’ll take no longer than 2 weeks, 3 days minimum.

On godot, I did some refactoring on the AI part so it should be easier to add the final call (also improving its quality — it’s way too linear now). And I plan to upgrade my Godot from 2.0.1 to 2.1.4 and I hope that it won’t brick my projects. If the upgrade goes well, then I’ll have much improved usability on the editor, which would be nice.

Random stuff: I’m soon done with FF X-2. Did some painting-learning (faces are hard). Gained 1kg!

Goal for the next week:

  • ixbar3000: Do ~100 items on PC-98
  • g2p: Implement last AI call (item buy/equip)
  • g2p2: basic chibis.

What the heck is g2p2? Well, that’s the project name the other godot project that I’m doing co-op with a friend. This will be cool if we’re able to do this.

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