Updated My Journal (2018 – week17)

Finally a week of progress. All projects progressed! Unfortunately Tappara lost, but that’s life (is life). I was planning to finish PC98 integration, but did a lot of work on the g2p2-chibis instead.

Oh and I upgraded my godot to 2.1.4! It was mostly painless. My main projects survived without a glitch, but one older (the base for g2p2) did prompt some errors.


  • ✅ PC98 Integration: Finished with the remaining CD-images.
    • 🔜 TODO: Letter A


  • ✅ AI can now equip item.
    • 🔜 TODO: Only equips default items -> ignores research.



  • ✅ 3 frame animation to 4 directions for the chibis.
  • ✅ 3² Hairstyles


  • ✅ LookAt — chibis will change their direction to that Vector2
  • 🔜 AI — Basic trainer should be done soon (if I understood the dev-guy correctly).


Good week, so the next should be similar! I’ll grind through Letter A and fix the g2p-item equipping better. 🔥😎


Yeah, I finished FFX-2, but with only 99% of the story. That’s a bummer.

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