Updated My Journal (2018 – week18)

📈 Aah yeah! Another good week. Most projects progressed and I actually finished the 2k grind with PC98. On godot I concentrated more into g2p2 since I’m working with a friend and we need to cover some common-ground.


PC98 integrated to ixbar3000.

The PC-98 grind is finally done! Doujin games are not in, but I need a break from this. I really don’t like booting into Vista.

  • ✅ PC98 Metadata + images done! Woo! Totals: Snaps 2109, Titles 2139
  • ➡ Not everything, but vast majority does load!
  • 🔧 Windows joystick bug fixed.
  • 🔧 Linux canvas loader fix


No progress here, but here’s a screenshot!

g2p2200 chibis!

I made a stress test to see how many characters I can spawn before my over decade old laptop can’t cope with the awesomeness!

  • 0-100 ~60 fps
  • 100-200 ~60->30 fps

It looks cool! and even better in-motion.



I finally ripped the Soundtrack from Alpha Centauri. This one was tricky. Apparently the track-data is midis with instruments loaded from the included wav’s. So midi-like, but not midi. Thus none of my audio programs could open the files. The soundtrack is also dynamic, It changes depending on the current situation (Battle, calm, city found).

So What I did was:

  • Moved all combat sounds to different directory.
  • Started audio capture.
  • Started game with a faction, idling ~5min.
  • Played normally ~20min.
  • Exit game.
  • Stop recording and convert to flac.

Rince and repeat for every faction that has different BGM. 5 factions have unique tracks. Gaian, Hive, Believers, University and Spartans. Morgan and Hive share the same. Alien Crossfire factions have no new tracks. Then there’s 2 non midi music: Menu music and Alienbgm6.

Not the best solution, but better than nothing.

Finished FFX-2

🏆 Siding with new yevon this time made the last trophy tick.
Though I kind of want to continue with my NG+ team: Lulu + LeBlanc + Sabotender!


Played a bit with ruby. If I ever start with the stat-log-parser thing, I’d need a language. Basic proto is already done in tcl, but I might do this in a new language. Personal growth thing. Ruby seems ok. Although I have very bad memories of a ruby -project. The language isn’t that bad. It is similar to perl and tcl so learning this shouldn’t be too hard.


Yes, much progress was done. This is good. Now that the major grind with ixbar3000 is done I can concentrate on fixing bugs & usability. godot projects should have some progress: 1 item equipping and 2 AI rules and Game rules. I’ll probably do some more research on ruby too. And on FFX-2 Last Mission begins (Iutycyr Tower)!

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