Updated My Journal (2018W21)

Average week. This week was mostly about ixut. Basic functionality is there, but a lot of fixes/adds needs to be done. I need to get logs from each gametype and event that is logged.
On godot projects I only did some code and some graphics, not really new functionality.
Also art. I did two art tutorials and uploaded the result to dA.


  • ✅ Added bg-image to units.
  • ✅ Added bg-image to items.
  • ✅ Improved HP meter.
  • ➡ TODO: I’m not happy about how the character-cards look. So I might need to fix the layout of those.
  • ➡ TODO: slot 3 & better actions


  • ➡ AI-module is soon done.
  • ➡ TODO: Tackling & Spritesheet


  • ✅ Enabled Transition mode. Parser speed increased from 25 min to 2 sec!
  • ✅ Parser creates static html-pages for matches and sub-pages for the contenders in that match.
  • ✅ Made a simple server to server html-pages.
  • ✅ Added interactive-mode for the terminal version, allowing terminal-like usage.
  • 💢 FAIL! For this project there is one thing I need to do, that is to extract data from utstatsdb and then import that into ixut.
    But no, I can’t access anything! Apparently my current system is also updated so mysql+php fails. Ubuntu upgrade broke 2 of my systems…
    I dumped the databases so The data is safe, but now I have to make yet another parser. This is one of those things that takes special personality to do.
    The impact of this is about 5 people and the time that I have to invest to this is … well I’d rather use the previous system.
  • 💢 GAH!


✅🖌 I Did some art too “BoroSchool Tutorial 02” and “Nami from One Piece” a drawing tutorial with my spirit animal —Mikeymegamega—. They’re at my dA page.

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