Updated My Journal (2018W24)

📉 Well another week of fail. I had 2 sick days and that had serious effect on my productivity. Borodantes 3rd challenge came out and well it seems that he didn’t plan it all the way either. The challenge was to paint older painting of your and I don’t think I’ll do that (I tried and it ended looking worse). However while on it, I got a epic idea what to draw/paint next. But as always I overshoot way beyond my skill level and thus I have nothing to show. There’s pillow effect and some errors in the faces. I’m thinking of freezing ixut as I can’t run it on Vista anymore for some odd reason. That might be replaced with a sportstracker-like program. We’ll see.

And for the next week I’ll try not to get sick. I got to get some “traditional medicine” to insure that.


  • 📉 no progress.


  • 📉 no progress. On my part, but the AI training has begun.


  • 📉 Tried to run UT2 in Vista -> Didn’t start!
  • 📉 Tried to run UT1 in Vista -> Didn’t start!

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