Updated My Journal (2018W25)

It’s midsummer! I’ll get drunk later today and tomorrow I’ll run the coopers test. Because I’m cool like that. Last week was mediocre, I did some good stuff, so I’m happy.


  • ✅ Item slot 3 is now handled properly.
  • ➡ TODO: Weighted behavior matrix.
  • ➡ TODO: Found a visual bug -> need to fix.


  • ✅ AI: Data-serialization, saving & loading network done.
  • ➡ TODO: Field, goal measurements.



  • 🔧⚙ On my projects, refactoring has to be done EVERYWHERE.
  • 🎂🎆 Also I have to plan the release of the soon to be upgraded ixbar3000. And the 10 year anniversary.
  • 🥃❤🎮 And today I’ll get drunk and finish Ys8 on Nightmare.


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