Updated My Journal (2018W28)

Slow week. I got an unexpected workload and had to go though that. Next week I’ll be having my Summer Vacation part 1! I did some art studies, but nothing to show. On g2p You can see the unit you to attack, but selection does not work yet.

I saw that KT is making another Dead or Alive game, DoA6. As a long time fan of the series I’m naturally interested, but … *sigh* I don’t like what I see. It would seem that they are trading the signatory aesthetics for blood! The hell?! If I want blood and gore I’d play Mortal Kombat. It’s still a alpha-demo so much can change, but it looks that Soul Calibur 6 might be my choice for the next fighting game.

Oh and I got e-mail from Paul Reiche III! Which was great! He was confused by my name.

Enjoy Summer!

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