Updated My Journal (2018W35)

📈 It seems that developing is much faster once the project is at alpha! A lot of progress on g2p, mostly usability and GUI. It is starting to look more like a game.
I also received the final parts (unneeded at this point though :P) for my midi-setup.

g2p alpha

  • ✅ Setup options: Map Size (Medium, Large), Playercount (1-19,1-61), Debugtools.
  • ✅ Lore: Expanded corporate data.
  • ✅ GUI: Much improved Corpdatapanel.
  • ✅ GUI & Usability: Accessing datapanels via buttons possible.
  • ✅ GUI: Removed dev-buttons, improved layout.
  • ✅ GUI: Reverted techtree into a fixed one.
  • ✅ GUI: Fullscreen option.
  • 🔧 Fixed a research bug.
  • 💢 Failed on neon building icons.
  • ➡ TODO: Building icons!
  • ➡ TODO: Improve placeholder images/data.


Aah. So beautiful.

🎹 Now I have a setup to create some epic midi music. Once I learn how to play. The Rolands are D-110, U-220 and SC-880. I’ll be mostly using the SC-880 since It probably have everything that the earlier models can offer.

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