ixbar3000 is a frontend, it allows you to launch games from a centralized place. While doing so it’ll keep statistics on your usage. You can also use it to store high-scores on games that doesn’t have battery memory.

Get it : DOWNLOAD  |  See it in Action (Obsolete)  |  See screenshots

Download shortcuts:

1/2 ActiveTCL – 8.6 (or 8.5)

2/2 ixbar3000 – latest version from sourceforge.

Graphical packages (total 4 GB):

1 MAME 504.4 MB (MAME v0.147)
2 NIR 1.15 GB (No-Intro Reloaded)
3 NeoKobe 135.9 MB (4 Neo Kobe Systems)
4 C64 320.2 MB (Commodore 64 v10)
5 Amiga 193.3 MB (Amiga v1.6)
6 Win3x0 98.7 MB (Windows 3.x v1)
7 exodos 293.7 MB (MS-DOS v2)
8 Steam 572.0 MB
9 Other 157.3 MB (incomplete systems contributed to the project)

The above packages work independently, so take what you need. Then extract the contents of the zip-files into ixbar3000/IMG/systems/. All imagepaks are hosted on Mega, if there are any problems let me know.

NOTE: Apparently paks that are over 500M will require an account. This will be fixed later.

ixbar3000 playlist on youtube (Very old versions)


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Sixbar3000 frontendhow support with this small banner (80×15). You may use the HTML-code below on your website or in your forum signature.

<p><a title=”ixbar3000 homepage” href=”http://www.imxn.net/ixbar3000/”><img alt=”ixbar3000 frontend” src=”http://www.imxn.net/ixbar3000_button_small.png” width=”80″ height=”15″ /></a></p>

Creative Commons License
ixbar3000 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

ixbar3000 10 years!