Past, Present and Future(?) -projects. At the moment this is a brief list, but I’ll probably add done and abandoned projects too.

In Progress…


  • Languages: tcl/tk
  • Status: Released, In-Progress (~90%) (2008-201?).
  • Progress: Released, Mostly done. Missing some metadata.

Rationale / Why?

10 years ago, I used many frontends, mameui32 (MAME), d-fend reloaded (dosbox) Emu Control Center (the rest). This puzzled me why don’t they support everything from the getgo? Would be nice to have unified interface, right? And some features (that I would have liked) were missing. I even contacted ecc author to patch in playtime tracker, which he said was impossible. Well hold my beer…
This is definitely the greatest piece of software I’ve written. The code quality is questionable as I’ve learned quite a lot during the 10 years.
In any case, this project is way to huge to compress on this project listing. It has it’s own page so go there for more.

Competition / Similar software:

Too many to list, all weaker! :P


As most is done, what remains is fixing defects and adding support for more platforms, more metadata.

Choice of Languages?

When I started this project I was testing languages and with tcl/tk it is extremely fast to do windowed software!

Unnamed Godot 2 Project

  • Status: In-Progress (2016-201?).
  • Progress: Unit functions 85% done, AI can achieve domiation victory. Audio 10%. Graphics 75%.  UI 60%.
  • Todo: Equip, Battlemodule…

Rationale / Why?

After making several techdemos, I’m ready for this massive undertaking. It will be done someday.

Competition / Similar software:

It’s a game so: any cyberpunk TBS.


Must be a functional game.
Must be possible to install on various platforms (Linux, Windows).
Must have scenario mode (with customization).
Should have a campaign mode.
Could have hotseat functionality.
Would be good to have multiplayer too.


ruby 1.9
required gem: sequel

Aim: UT log stats parser for UT1 UT2 UT3 and UT4. (and once the parser is done…)
Competition: ngStats, utstats, utstatsdb.

Feature Table:

ixut ngStats utstats utstatsdb
BackEnd Tech. ruby Proprietary php5 php5 (7)
Database sqlite Proprietary mysql mysql
status dev ❌ dead ✅ stable ✅ stable
Games ixut ngStats utstats utstatsdb
UT2 (✅)
WWW (✅)