Updated My Journal (2018W28)

Slow week. I got an unexpected workload and had to go though that. Next week I’ll be having my Summer Vacation part 1! I did some art studies, but nothing to show. On g2p You can see the unit you to attack, but selection does not work yet.

I saw that KT is making another Dead or Alive game, DoA6. As a long time fan of the series I’m naturally interested, but … *sigh* I don’t like what I see. It would seem that they are trading the signatory aesthetics for blood! The hell?! If I want blood and gore I’d play Mortal Kombat. It’s still a alpha-demo so much can change, but it looks that Soul Calibur 6 might be my choice for the next fighting game.

Oh and I got e-mail from Paul Reiche III! Which was great! He was confused by my name.

Enjoy Summer!

Updated My Journal (2018W27)

Argentina is out, I cant order stuff from amazon-japan anymore and I failed hard on those Bob Ross tutorials.

On the art tutorials I just don’t have the necessary tools to create the effects that is required. So I did art study on kagami instead. The study was interesting and I should do more of those. I was somewhat successful in mimicking his style, but it’s not refined enough to be published.
For some reason I’ve been really sleepy this week so not as much progress as I wanted, still some.
I took some images from ixut, the UT stats parser. Both terminal and www -views are covered.
g2p progressed, and now the player can now attack the AI! That function is not done yet as attacking on a sector that has no enemies will crash the game and that is not good :P.

Special Message / Rant

And last I noticed that Fred & Paul aka Toys for Bob (The Creators of Star Control 2) are being sued by The Crimson Corporation (Stardock). To me SC2 holds a very special spot on my heart as it was the very first PC game I’ve played (that and Dune 2) there was probably others, but those were more in line of Alley Cat and Tetris where SC2 and D2 were real games.
I spent so many hours on those. I remember that I used to draw all the ships since I didn’t have a PC and then went on and explained all these adventures to my grandmother. That was the beginning, at that time I couldn’t even understand that much English so we never finished the game.
But later in the year 200x the game was open sourced along with all the assets with the blessing of Fred & Paul. Since it became opensource it was ported to every system ever. To this day I write “sudo apt-get install uqm” on all my Linux boxes.
Yeah, uqm as in “Ur-Quan Masters” since they cannot use the name “Star Control”, which is not owned by the original creators, but the assets are.
Well now Fred and Paul, the original creators are being sued by some corporate bastards that wants ownership of their work!
To me as a wannabe-gamemaker this is just wrong… Could a corporation sue me for ownership of my work? Crazy world we’re living in.

So I will join the good fight and donate $100 to the war-chest!
It’s time to *GO! GO!* and *dance*!


  • ✅ Re-enabled building capture on Player (apparently godot upgrade changed some function calls).
  • ✅ Added more data to Datapedia.
  • ✅ Player can now attack.
  • ➡ TODO: Select target for attack.
  • ➡ TODO: Unit Ability: Research.
  • ➡ TODO: Unit Ability: Equip.


  • ✅ Fixed a minor PCFX loader issue.
  • ✅ Minor git stuff.
  • ✅ Minor image stuff.


ixut - web view
ixut – web view
ixut - Terminal view
ixut – Terminal view

Updated My Journal (2018W26)

Had a good Midsummer (aka Juhannus for the *civilized people.). Most progress was done for the g2p, where I implemented some nice features and fixed a bug too! Nice. Then I set up a game with 8 AI’s fighting it out to see if the game ends and if it does when. It takes 100-150 turns for one AI to win with unit-limit set to one.
My Coopers test was rubbish, less than 2k is not good for anyone. I hate running (without a ball to chase), but I had to do this for my VKI, on which I got 8+ when converted to school grading.

Next week I’ll try to add the lacking functions for the player and then I may even be able to have my very first game against the AI! On my artsy side, I’m planning to do some Bob Ross tutorials.
World Cup is still on and my favorite Argentina is still playing, but I fear that they’ll lose against France. 🇦🇷⚽🇫🇷


  • ✅ Fixed detect/stealth bug.
  • ✅ Started building a help system similar to civilizations civliopedia.
  • ✅ Added better gfx and logic to sector capturing.
  • ✅ Event Logger! Important events are now broadcasted to the player.
  • ➡ TODO: Weighted behaviour matrix… This one is tricky.
  • ➡ TODO: Implement remaining functions to players too. at the moment player cannot win the AI.