Updated My Journal (2018 – week21)

Average week. This week was mostly about ixut. Basic functionality is there, but a lot of fixes/adds needs to be done. I need to get logs from each gametype and event that is logged.
On godot projects I only did some code and some graphics, not really new functionality.
Also art. I did two art tutorials and uploaded the result to dA.


  • ✅ Added bg-image to units.
  • ✅ Added bg-image to items.
  • ✅ Improved HP meter.
  • ➡ TODO: I’m not happy about how the character-cards look. So I might need to fix the layout of those.
  • ➡ TODO: slot 3 & better actions


  • ➡ AI-module is soon done.
  • ➡ TODO: Tackling & Spritesheet


  • ✅ Enabled Transition mode. Parser speed increased from 25 min to 2 sec!
  • ✅ Parser creates static html-pages for matches and sub-pages for the contenders in that match.
  • ✅ Made a simple server to server html-pages.
  • ✅ Added interactive-mode for the terminal version, allowing terminal-like usage.
  • 💢 FAIL! For this project there is one thing I need to do, that is to extract data from utstatsdb and then import that into ixut.
    But no, I can’t access anything! Apparently my current system is also updated so mysql+php fails. Ubuntu upgrade broke 2 of my systems…
    I dumped the databases so The data is safe, but now I have to make yet another parser. This is one of those things that takes special personality to do.
    The impact of this is about 5 people and the time that I have to invest to this is … well I’d rather use the previous system.
  • 💢 GAH!


✅🖌 I Did some art too “BoroSchool Tutorial 02” and “Nami from One Piece” a drawing tutorial with my spirit animal —Mikeymegamega—. They’re at my dA page.

Updated My Journal (2018 – week20)

📈 Greatness! 4 days of vacation and all ongoing projects went forward.
AI now can equip the best weapon and armor in g2p. There are some issues with the item-slot as those are situational. Also I’m thinking of making it so that certain units prefer specific item even if better item is available.
On g2p2 chibis can pick up the ball and the field is somewhat defined. It needs work, but a good start. Early test version of the AI-module can be deployed soon.
And I started a new project. Unreal log parser written in ruby/sqlite. Very slow since by default all database writes are commits and not transactions. With the commits 250kb Onslaught takes 25min to process and only 2 seconds without, so there’s a lot to improve. I had similar slowness in ixbar3000’s parser too, but that uses different language so no help from there.


  • ✅ Did I yet mention that the PC-98 metadata is done!
  • ➡ TODO: Backups, before something happens.


  • ✅ AI can now equip the best tech for slots 1 (weapon) & 2 (armor).
  • ➡ TODO: Figure out how to handle item slot 3 (when in doubt, randomize!)
  • ➡ TODO: Weighted behaviour matrix.


  • ✅ Chibis can now pick up the ball.
  • ✅ Chibis can now throw the ball.
  • Playing field (not fully implemented)
    • ✅ field size => 50m x 70m.
    • ➡ TODO: Edge rounding, should look & behave more like ice hockey rink.
  • ➡ TODO: Tackling opponents.
  • ➡ TODO: Fix chibi spritesheet.

ixut (New Project)

codename:ixut. Yeah clever name, isn’t it.
At the moment it’s a very simple log parser, and extremely slow at that. Too many missing items to list for now. More info / progress analysis / comparison will be listed under the projects page.


Finished FFX-2 – Last Mission

🏆 FFX-2 is an Awesome game, FFX-2 – Last Mission is a mediocre roguelike. Cutscenes were nice, but I just don’t like roguelikes. I got thrown out of the tower many times and the only way to load a game is by resetting it (gah)! Tonberry treasure was troublesome to get and once I got to the last boss, I was way overpowered.
Now I want FFX-3!


For the longest time I added new content to my dA page. And to my surprise one of my works was seen 200k times! Sure for the internet it’s nothing, but for me that’s a huge number!

Updated My Journal (2018 – week19)

There will be no Friday update this week as we have a slightly longer weekend.

Progress so far: I’ve added some controls for the g2p2. 8 way digital and 360 degree Analog controls are now done. It’s also possible to dash, which at the moment will triple the player speed. On the ruby-project I’m having issues compiling the gem file since it required internet, but I contacted the author and he gave me the link to the compiled gemfile so I’ll try and install it that way. And yeah, that’s it.