Updated My Journal (2019W34)

This week was about learning more DevOps and managing previous projects. I did submit art on dA’s 19th anniversary. It was fun to use painting soft I usually don’t use, but running that on trial mode is not that nice.

The new (or sister project to my previous) frontend is now on gitlab, called ixbar3000GT. Comparing gitlab to sourceforge, gitlab wins with ease. Especially when it comes to DevOps. SF does screenshots better though. Managinf issues is also better on gl. But the project is online, stay tuned for more.

I also did some training on Robot Framework. This is also a tool I’d like to know more. I wonder whether I can add RF into my DevOps pipeline somehow.

Project:A > z2@196 | z4@7107
Project:C > z4@3069 | z5@1970

Updated My Journal (2019W33)

Too many projects, too little time. I have to do something or everything will fail. Godot seems to be viable option for the ixbar3000’s sister project and since I’ve already done the necessary work previously and thus I know pretty much what I want. This is unlike to my other projects in which I’m learning as I go. I need to figure where to host it though. Should I keep it in sourceforge, like all my other releases or try gitlab as it provides plenty of new features. A roadmap would be nice.