Updated My Journal (2019W11)

I’m beginning to dislike NodeJS. It appears to be in a public alpha as no-one agrees with anything and every week there’s a new framework to hyberbole it a bit. But it annoys me as I wanted to be done with this.

Godot 3.1 was released and it works on my computer! Nice! Unfortunately none of the demos work for some reason. Probably some OpenGLES inconsistencies.

Godot 3 is not compatible with Godot 2 so my existing projects will need to be ported for the new format. This raises a question: should I port my games or finish them with the old engine. Newer projects like g2p2 will be ported as it is much easier and the AI module was pending this update anyway.

Updated My Journal (2019W10)

The main output this week was art! Nothing of quality, but the first dA -upload this year and few more for the g2p. The previous and this weekend will be about socializing, so that will sap my efficiency.

NodeJS tutorials are rubbish. Either they are obsolete or they bring in massive amount of additional libraries that need to be learned…

Updated My Journal (2019W09)

Ok. time to stop slacking off and update my journal for a while! It’s been 3 months since last one? Well this was because I have internet now and it killed my productivity very efficiently.


I got feedback on the game and it was well received. I should do the battlesystem better and add animations and then another build.


Combining other projects here since lack of progress.
g2p2 — waiting for the AI module, but this might be done only after godot3.1 gets out.
incoming new server — I will get access to a new server soon to test some devops tools. The current server doesn’t handle much these days.
godot-techdemo — I was playing with polygons and A*-functinons. This might evolve into something bigger after godot 3.1. I think that my version 2.15 has some issues that are resolved in the latter releases. copying polygon parameters for example doesn’t work, but people on discord say it does.
Learning NodeJS — Yeah I might as well try this. Last time I tried js, it was horrible, but things seem to be better now.
ixbar3000 — Finally version 0.31 is out!