Updated My Journal (2018W49)

Alright, I’m back on the action! I added some help-text on the g2p. Also began working on the tutorial-mode, but not sure how big part that’ll be.
I did some stress-tests with godot, but that was a dismal failure. It seems that my CPU and/or godot can’t handle more than 500 physics bodies so I still can’t start working with my masterplan. At the moment it seems that the only solution is to learn C++ and SDL, but no way in hell that I’m going through that again. With godot I can at least have some output, turn-based, but output.
Other stuff: I might get internet. WP got upgraded again (hopefully nothing breaks).

For next week I’ll implement the battle-animation-subsystem. Also more help-text shall appear. — Like a legendary captain once said, “Make it so”.

Updated My Journal (2018W48)

November was a bust. not much was done and alpha-team didn’t do anything, which means that my plans of putting g2p to beta will not happen. A lesson learned: never trust free help. A new approach for the testing is now on works.
I downloaded deb-file of the qtractor in hopes of that installing and then midi-magick will happen. I don’t need to be a master, but knowing some simple melodies and chords would be cool.
I tied to do art, a Ferrari Testarossa, but it looked like a saab 900, so that failed!

Updated My Journal (2018W47)

No dev-stuff lol. Tried to play midi files with my tablet, but that didn’t go quite as I wanted to. All tracks were merged into one epic track and thus the simple melody became a bullet-hell! It seems that I’ll have to do some arrangements.
Made another painting, this time it’s quite angry looking MegaMan.