Updated My Journal (2019W17)

The New computer allowed me to upgrade my older machine to the latest Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and it sapped my time since the upgrade didn’t go well. Five times I was greeted by initramfs and partial upgrades. Eventually it booted, but that was my half of my Easter vacation! It might be that the HDD on that machine is dying.

The plan was to finish the battle module on my g2p, but transferring my accounts/data is quite important. It really bums me out, but oh well, time to do another plan.

I was able to test newer emulators since this machine is much more powerful and 3DS, PS2 and NGC does boot, but at 20-80% of normal performance. The good thing is that I can add support for there to ixbar3000. I also did some git magick since I’ve used few accounts and they were added as separate users (not that anyone cares).

And hockey season was not successful this year. Tappara got Bronze and Penguins got into top 16. Next season, better season!

Many thing to do. Too many actually. I need to prioritize the g2p since godot 2 is no longer supported and I won’t port the codebase to the new engine. Workwork!

I got a new computer!

A friend gave me his old laptop and this weekend I’ve been trying to install the OS for it. Serious issues with Windows 7 as it failed during install, because the machine has USB3 and Windows 7 doesn’t support that. Why does it need to fail there?! Can’t I install a bare-bones version and update the damn drivers later.

Ubuntu 18.04 installed fine, but there’s one very annoying feature: Screen rotate. During the installation the display kept rotating! I suppose there’s a sensor that is broken or just hyper and that causes the screen to auto-rotate, but shouldn’t this be fixed by default?

I’d like to get the W7 to work as graphics will be faster (I think). It does boot PS2 & NCG, but runs at 50-80%.

And yeah, I skipped the weekly report, not much progress. I need to re-plan projects. And actually since my new computer can handle more, I might continue with ixbar3000 again. Oh yeah. I did make some art.

Updated My Journal (2019W11)

I’m beginning to dislike NodeJS. It appears to be in a public alpha as no-one agrees with anything and every week there’s a new framework to hyberbole it a bit. But it annoys me as I wanted to be done with this.

Godot 3.1 was released and it works on my computer! Nice! Unfortunately none of the demos work for some reason. Probably some OpenGLES inconsistencies.

Godot 3 is not compatible with Godot 2 so my existing projects will need to be ported for the new format. This raises a question: should I port my games or finish them with the old engine. Newer projects like g2p2 will be ported as it is much easier and the AI module was pending this update anyway.