Updated My Journal (2020W41-42)

Finally I have something to report. Very niche in it’s impact, but personally I’m very satisfied now.

Project: UTStats recovery

Installed Ubuntu 14.04 to a vm so that I have php5. Imported the databases to check if my stats were accessible and they are!

Now this is in vm, I had some issues during init and I didn’t verify whether it actually parses the logs, but seeing this after so many years makes me happy!
Next phase is to update 3.06 to 3.09. The newer version is by a different developer, but should wotk with php7 and has some additional improvements too. Install guide does say that “If you are upgrading from UTStatsDB 3.06, a new installation is highly recommended, rather than attempting an update. If you do perform an update, rather than a new install, certain special event data like player headshot counts may not be transferred to the new database structures.”. So how to go on with this? Maybe I should install 3.09 to a new vm and see what’s different in the database structure. And write a simple export/import sql query. Maybe it could be on gitlab. Maybe I should fork this to gitlab (I have plans).


While installing Ubuntu on vm I also installed Terry Davis’ Temple OS (vm), quite the experience. It’s only 16M, so it can remain on my system, but I don’t know what do do with it.
I might get a new synthesizer. I’ve been wanting one of those for a long time. It costs a lot so I have to sell some stuff before I can justify the purchase.

Updated My Journal (2020W38-40)

My backup plan’s 1st stage is done but it’s far from done. I still need to merge many sources into one and that’ll take few months or so. JLPT4 application forms sent. Sending that form is a process itself, hopefully I didn’t make any typos there. There’s one important thing I’m lagging in alot and might fail. Ah yeah, I sent questions for few programs I use and hopefully I get those resolved. Should it happen I’ll brief ya.

Calibre 5 Released!

I’ve been using calibre for years as my library manager. Back in the days when I used windows, I used Comic Rack, but that is windows only and I had to change that to something better and calibre was the choise I made. Version 5 was released quite recently and I got that for my new rig. However as always there are some problems.


Underneath it uses xdg-open to open file. Therefore, people like me who are using programs from different desktops, will have bad time as calibre opens them with a ‘wrong’ program.

Apparently the author dislikes this approach:

I gave up on xdg-open a long time ago. Now in all my system, I just replace it with my own 100 line implementation. I suggest you do the same. Trying to get xdg-open to work with anything other than the major desktop environments is an exercise in needless frustration.

kovidgoyal, creator of calibre

The problem still remains. I’m using enlightenment as my WM and okular for reading books, but xdg-open opens Evince!


After some reaearch, I was left confused. I’m sure there is a better way, like a console command, but what I did was:

  1. Open nautilus.
  2. Find filetype that calibre opens with wrong program.
  3. Right-click and change the default.
  4. Close nautilus.

I also have trouble getting the dark-mode on, but suppose it’s because of gnome or something. meh.