Japanese in Ubuntu 19.10 + Enlightenment

Language > Input Method Settings
Un-check the box and go to Setup Selected Input Method. Add any languages you plan to use. Then install anthy package using apt:

$ sudo apt install ibus-anthy

The login/logout, or restart x for the system to notice the change. Add anthy on IBus preferences (ibus-setup), and switch to that (super+space).


🇫🇮🏒 Finnish Ice Hockey Playoffs 2018 — Semi Finals — Tappara vs. TPS
TAP 4-0 TPS — Well that was quick.

See You Space Cowboy…

Oh man. What happened? I got hit by RealLife and got to move, twice, and now I’m working abroad. Of course during that time the company that provides my web-space changed owner and server configurations breaking some of mine. Thus the users saw the backup-site from the year 2012…

I’m semi-hyped about PS4. It has DoAX3, AC7, DooM4. Unfortunately DoAX3 lacks 6 contenders of which 5 were my top favourites. That is the reason why I didn’t pre-order the game (and I don’t even own PS4-system XD). I hope that Team Ninja / KoeiTecmo makes Dead or Alive X3 Ultimate! If Ace Combat 7 is closer to Ace Combat Infinity than AC Assault Horizon, then YES I’ll get that one. I’ve flown countless of hours in infinity. My main craft is F15E -CH-, already at lvl16. I also enjoy the Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-10 (piston fighters FTW!). And doom, DooM, DOOM! Fourth time the charm or how does the saying go? And there’s more, Dynasty Warriors 9, Star Ocean 5, Dragon Quest… Yup, interesting system. Too bad about the costly online multi-player.

ixbar3000 has been evolving too. It has support for ips-patching, so you can use translations and hacks and whatnot! There’s also a huge NES metadatabase that I try to include in the next release.

I’ve been seriously thinking of ditching this wordpress-thing. Sure it’s easy to post stuff, but I lose a lot of control and I don’t really post all that much. We’ll see.