ixbar3000 v27 released!

ixbar3000 v0.27 codenamed “Green Dragon” (should be Forever Delayed) is finally released. This one got delayed for about three months! I was about to release it earlier, but then I got the metadata for the Win3x0 project (windows 3.x) and I decided to include that as well. It turned out not to be as simple as I originally thought, but I did rewrite some exodos parts too meaning that it is now much easier to get both exo projects to work (exodos & win3x0). There’s also a brand new steam database! and plethora of updates to the old ones. Updated Imagepaks are also provided.

Download ixbar3000 | Main page with Imagepaks

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ixbar3000 v0.26 released!

Named “Dragon Spirit”, ixbar3000 v0.26 continues it’s trail of awesomeness! I forgot to release v0.25 “Dragon Quarter” to the public so this post includes the updates from that too. It has been 9 months since the last official version, a lot has changed. I’ve found a cloud storage for the imagepaks and thus the imagepaks are now online! New paks include NTSC-Dreamcast and PSP (~30%).

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ixbar3000 v0.24 released!

This update brings two very awesome features. First is called canvas. It’s tk’s powerhouse of displaying 2d. In practice this means that I can finally start to deprecate the old textbox-hack once done two known bugs will be gone too. The second one is nothing less than multiplayer! Yup, it’s here and it’s crossplatform. You’ll need mednafen as your emulator.

Get it : DOWNLOAD | screenshots | Tweet me!

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