ixbar3000 v0.22 released!

Another release! True universal parser, few new loaders and support for FM-Towns.

New Loaders:

CUE: a cue loader (Yabause) (0.21.1)
GDI: a gdi loader (nullDC) (0.21.2)
NeoKobe: FM-Towns (0.21.2)

Support for pictures and info about developers (0.21.5)

Statistics view can now display data about the developers (the actual persons), like images, notable games, birth date, etc. Check Maxis->Will Wright and Nintendo->Koji Kondo to see what it’s about.

Support for external image mounter for windows (0.21.6)

DaemonToolsLite is used to mount images, if needed. Set the path from ./SYS/_config.tcl and edit the corresponding line. Obviously this works only in Windows; Linux users won’t be mounting images. This is not much of an issue yet, since this feature was developed specifically for the FM-Towns emulator: unz.

Merged Trurip & CustomList parsers to the UniversalParser (0.21.7)

Now the UniversalParser parses all known datfiles (No-Intro, Tosec, Trurip, MAME, Re-Dump) under a single function and thus there’s only one button for import! Trurip is actually a new parser, but CustomList has been around for a year.

And the usual

New corpdata and bugfixes.


Thanks for the FM-Towns images Nanonano!

2014: Plans for ixbar3000

Updating databases should be better.

As of now the updating simply drops the existing database and creates a new one. This leads to certain annoyances if the items name changes such as: statistics, images and metadata all will be “lost”. It’s not really lost, but ixbar3000 can’t match the item with it’s data for it won’t find them.

New Systems

Sega’s Saturn and Dreamcast should be supported in some form. There may be more NeoKobe if [ nanonano can deliver ;-) ]. Perhaps something with Pinball and Amiga? Many of these work only in Windows which means more blind-coding.

Joystick controls

Will not happen, unfortunately. This was a request and I can’t deliver for tcl/tk has no native support for extra contols such as joystick thus ixbar3000 supports only mouse/keyboard. There may be a way, but unless there’s someone who can compile (and debug) mkLibsdl. Contact me if you can do this. It’s beyond my skills.

Audit system

This is possible, but it’s HUGE time investment. In it’s current state the audit system can rename files according to the name specified in the datfile. It would be easy to make it so that it would extract -> rename -> archive, but that would only work with items that have only one file within the archive. That would work, but it would be very slow. And any additions would make things tricky.