Updated My Journal (2019W27)

Failed to update for few weeks. Adding japanese training, gym and planning for additional projects (also valuing the state of existing projects) did sap more time than I estimated.

Road to JLPT4 (or a reality check)

The past month, I went through a JLPT trainer-book and I have to say I’m not impressed with my results.

w1:  9 8 10 9 7 9 = 52/90
w2: 12 5  8 8 5 6 = 44/90
w3: 10 7  8 6 6 6 = 43/90
w4:  5 6  4 9 4 7 = 35/90
TOTAL: 174/360

With 48%, that’s a fail! I should get at least 70% to pass the test. I need to work on that grammar.

New Project?

Raspberry Pi W

I got this Raspberry Pi W. The plan is to get few more and build a docker cluster. We’ll see how this one goes. Need to get few microSD cards and power source.

  • 1/3 Raspberry Pi W
  • 1 Powersource
  • 0/3 MicroSD cards

SC-880 is now accessible

With reaper and the files from djemberecords I can finally access my Roland SC-880 from my computer. While I haven’t done anything productive with it, only playing Rise of the Triad midis, the possibility to create music is there! Another hobby! yay.

Sad state of gamedev

This is the unfortunate part. I have two machines that can run godot, and both are unreliable. The older only runs Godot 2 and that seems to have a dying HDD. My newer machine runs Godot 3, but this has issue with random crashes, skips in audio and other minor annoyances.
Oh yeah, Godot 2 doesn’t run with this machine and the cyberpunk game was done with that. so should I port that to Godot 3, get a new HDD for the old machine or what. It really bothers me as the damn thing was almost done.
Last weekend I was messing around with vectors and AI, but developing anything with unstable machine is a blit frustrating.

I got a new computer!

A friend gave me his old laptop and this weekend I’ve been trying to install the OS for it. Serious issues with Windows 7 as it failed during install, because the machine has USB3 and Windows 7 doesn’t support that. Why does it need to fail there?! Can’t I install a bare-bones version and update the damn drivers later.

Ubuntu 18.04 installed fine, but there’s one very annoying feature: Screen rotate. During the installation the display kept rotating! I suppose there’s a sensor that is broken or just hyper and that causes the screen to auto-rotate, but shouldn’t this be fixed by default?

I’d like to get the W7 to work as graphics will be faster (I think). It does boot PS2 & NCG, but runs at 50-80%.

And yeah, I skipped the weekly report, not much progress. I need to re-plan projects. And actually since my new computer can handle more, I might continue with ixbar3000 again. Oh yeah. I did make some art.

ixbar3000 v31 – released!

Download ixbar3000

ixbar3000 is now over 10 year old! Amazing. In this release the main interests would be the new NES, GBA & PC-98 metadata! Over 2000 PC-98 games have images to go with the metadata. PC-FX loader was also fixed and the images are available for download. This version uses NeoKobe v2 on the Japanese computers, however some systems still have the v1 loaders and as such they may fail a lot. A lot of time was used to solidify the loading of PC-98 instead.

Some internal work was done on loaders as the project is trying to move into a more unified loader super-system. Hopefully the defects were crushed for this release. Older loaders were removed as they are deprecated by others.

The future of the project will slow down (well that has happened already) as I’ll try to allocate my time on my gamedev projects. On any issues You might have contact me on twitter or discord.

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