I got a new computer!

A friend gave me his old laptop and this weekend I’ve been trying to install the OS for it. Serious issues with Windows 7 as it failed during install, because the machine has USB3 and Windows 7 doesn’t support that. Why does it need to fail there?! Can’t I install a bare-bones version and update the damn drivers later.

Ubuntu 18.04 installed fine, but there’s one very annoying feature: Screen rotate. During the installation the display kept rotating! I suppose there’s a sensor that is broken or just hyper and that causes the screen to auto-rotate, but shouldn’t this be fixed by default?

I’d like to get the W7 to work as graphics will be faster (I think). It does boot PS2 & NCG, but runs at 50-80%.

And yeah, I skipped the weekly report, not much progress. I need to re-plan projects. And actually since my new computer can handle more, I might continue with ixbar3000 again. Oh yeah. I did make some art.