Updated My Journal (2019W36-37)

I started studying django and fullstack development. Helsinki University provides this nice free online course. The course is divided into nine parts (0-8). Django is something I’m researching to my personal tracking project. A lot of webdev… To offset that I started a “4 day max mass” gym routine and after the first week, all I have to say that it’s tough.

On the ixbar3000GT The work continued on json read/write module, some refactoring was done and the project has third member. Hopefully he gets active in development.

Also: StarCraft2 was great, Half Life 2 was meh and Rambo V: Last blood was awesome!


Fullstack Course█░░░░░░░░
Django Tutorial███▒░░░
Gym Routine (4dMax)█░░░░░░░