Updated My Journal (2019W40-41)


Finished the flask tutorial, but in the end I chose not to go with that. Instead I’ll go with pure python, if possible. No progress on the fullstack course. ixbar3000GT the db system is still being developed.


Inktober continues! 13/13 images done. Almost half done! Some of the works are actually decent. I’ll might re-use those in some game I’ll never finish.


Half Done! I’m now quite used to the 4d gym-week. I sleep easier and eat much more.


I missed the JLPT for this year! Which is a bummer, but there were some obstacles on my way anyway. Next year JLPT4!(?)

What happened to my gamedev?
What happened to my midi-stuff?
.. Stopped! Because of all the studying?
I need a plan!


Fullstack Course█░░░░░░░░
Gym Routine (4dMax)████▒░░░