Updated My Journal (2019W42)


Really simple gym-tracker done. It’s done with pure python and it’s really bare-bones. The database is the most inportant part on that and that’s done so I can do something else now, but … I need to return someday.
No progress on the fullstack course. ixbar3000GT the db system is still being developed. (?!)


Inktober continues! 20/20(31) images done. That’s one third! I’m feeling a bit fatigued though.


Played CK2 after a long time. A day wasted, but I’m now saturated and can do useful things instead.
I need a plan! (for the dev + midi). Should be done after inktober.
my PS4 got update, AC7 and DoAX3 got updates too. I really hope that DoAX3 update is a premonition for few extra characters.


Fullstack Course█░░░░░░░░
Gym Routine (4dMax)█████▒░░