Updated My Journal (2019W46-48)

Agh, I’m lagging behind in my fullstack course. A lot time used on planning my winter vacation. I might get a new computer without some parts that I need to budget too. I recovered from illness and ixbar3000GT is progressing.


ixbar3000GT got some more code in it. Now it displays values. At the moment they are only null, but it’s getting better.


I created account on gamejolt. I’m planning to upload my gamedev executables there. The code will stay at some repository.
Not fully dedicated on this yet. It was a tough call between this and itch.

It’s Kokoro’s birthday-week so x7 EXP on DoAX3. Funny that It just was Nyotengus B-Day a while ago.

On the site, in addition to gamejolt I added gitlab, re-added twitter and hid openhub. And Finally maintenance done on projects-page as there has been changes.


Fullstack Course██▒░░░░░░