Updated My Journal (2020W03)

Well It’s a new decade. Time to get back to blogging. A lot happened, I Platinum’d FFXIII took a while to get all the 5-star hunts. The main story was kind of a pipe-run, but I like it. Next Year I’ll start with FFXIII-2!
I got a new computer. I’ve been setting it up for the last few days. It’s old, but a definite improvement for me.
During my vacation I also built a kodi-mediaserver on RPi4. It runs very hot 70’c and that’s too hot for my liking so I made this custom case from old WD-HDD case, now the temperature doesn’t exceed 55’c, which is much better.
And fixed my ubuntu server (again!) and added some security. What was wrong was that Canonical decided to move from the old ways of getting networking work to netplan. My 18.04.1 had a bug where the old config is not converted for netplan and once there’s a reboot or network related glitch the computed couldn’t find network!
In addition to that I added self signed certificates on the apache.

A lot happened and all I do is this small post. Next week I ought to have more specific entries. Anyway time to go back setting-up the computer.