Updated My Journal (2020W04-05)

Alright. Guayadeque is corrupting my oggs again! This time it’s not every ogg, but some. Which is improvement for sure, but it’s still unacceptable! So I’m back with my foobar2000 from year 2006.

Godot 3.2 was released! This is really cool as it seems to have few things that were buggy or missing in the previous ones. I only tested for few hours, but so far I like it!

I also added some added security for my server. Basically I blacklisted every country, but the one’s I’m occasionally in. The daily blocks dropped from 10000+ to 250.

And my new rig seems powerful. I ran hardinfo’s benchmarks and it got No1 spot of all of my machines! The bottleneck is the CPU and in emulation that might be a problem.

And last, imxn is finally in verified https://! It’s possible to use the http:// also, but I might redirect that soon(ish).