Updated My Journal (2020W36)


First set of my upgrade/project parts arrived. Can’t do much with the parts yet as some critical parts are missing.

My Wi-Fi has some serious issues. It seems to affect only 2.4G and not 5G. After updating Ubuntu to 20.04 the wifi stopped working. I started looking for the reason for this and found out that rtl8821ce is no longer in kernal or something. I don’t really like messing with that part of my machine so I looked for alternates and decided to buy one of those USB-WiFi. Well it didn’t work. I was disappointed. Then I took my older machine to replace te new one, but it had similar issues. So maybe the issue is in the router. There was a firmware update and now it works again, but for how long? Hopefully permanently.


I hooked my PS3 and I’m enjoying some GT5 and Mass Effect 3. It’s too bad that GT5 cannot do multiplayer or any of the online stuffs. Platinuming that game is impossible because of that. (A-Spec 26; B-Spec 37)

I started planning the migration of my UTStats. I’ll be using virtual machines for this. What I’ll have to do:

  • Install old version of ubuntu.
  • Install old utstats db there.
  • Import old stats there.
  • (if I get this far: I’m a happy man)
  • upgrade ubuntu (breaks old utstats)
  • update utstats
  • (if I get this far: 2020 is the best year!)

Something like that.

My attention was caught by news that SMAX is playable on newer machines with a modified exe. There’s a modding community on SMAC!? Amazing. I’m a bit worried though as it’d sap all my productivity.

Time to fill those JLPT4 application forms. Let’s do this!