Updated My Journal (2020W43-44)

ART : In order to get more time I had to cancel or at least postpone one long term plan. I ordered my very first synthesizer. That has been one of my dreams since I was a kid. Not sure how much I can actually use that device for, I mean I haven’t done any publishable art this year!
SKILL : JLPT is near and I seem to lack knowledge in vocabulary and grammar. That’s no good, but there’s still some time.
FIT : I was measured with this tanita-test and I also did a fitness test where they draw my blood to get some lactate values. The results were devastating: I’m in poor shape and fat! And for the next 12 weeks I’ll be doing some serious lifting as I have a new gym program.
SW : The creator of gmp made a patch for me! I requested a feature to store tags to files and now there’s a patch for that! Amazing. I still have to test it’s compatibility, but if all goes well then I can deprecate prismriver and start using gmp. The mainainer of utstatsdb did not answer yet so I might have to do same php-hacking myself.
PS : Got few trophies for my B-Spec driver and won one of the rally events. All that remains now is grind (~700 cars and ~50 paints) and the super difficult challenges. I think I’ll pass on those. On FFXIII-2 I reached the last chapter, and got lost to the damn Academia AF500 3D-maze! So I got out and went to Xanadu for some chocobo racing instead.

The Integration continues…