Updated My Journal (2020W45)

ART : My MODX6 Arrived! I’ve always wanted a synthesizer and now I have one. It’s not that I can play or anything, but playing with the arpeggios is fun. It has this really cool FM-X Engine that gives the user power to generate FM sounds. I made one, but I need more practice on it.
FIT : Week 1 of 12 of my MAX Heavy Gym program. There’s something everyday for the next 11 weeks. This is going to get tough.
SW : Now that I have a gym schelude again, I started making the gym-program I was thinking before. I just wan’t something that works, so I dropped the python version for php one.
HW : The remaining parts for my devops cluster arrived. I should have everything now.
PS : Finished FFXII-2. The post game grind remains.

The Integration continues…