Updated My Journal (2021-01)



[GMB] Started using gmusicbrowser. So far it looks like it’s exactly what I want: lighweight and powerful. And a website that doesn’t do the player justice. The developer seems to care about the project. One thing that will eventually decide whether I’ll end up using this is a stress test. How many songs can it handle before it starts to behave poorly. I could generate 1000000 songs of silence with length of 1 second, then load them all to see what happens. The main issue would be the tags as the songs would need proper randomly generated artists too. And this takes time…


[Godot] I started on two tech demos! One with more strategic approach and the other could be a metroidvania styled game. I also wrote small script to automate the export process. The main issue with these will be the lack of testers. I did get one friend to install one and the export seems to function. But to what direction should I take this?


[Painting] I finished a work on Mimi of Metal & Lace. Reaching minimum goal for the year!