Updated My Journal (2021-02)


[Wiki] Installed mediawiki for the server. It’s going EOL this summer as does Ubuntu. Will this require a new 64bit-server? At some point sure. Maybe the DevOpsCluster will solve this problem? Or maybe a lightweit raspberry pi would suffice.


[Music] MODX came with Cubase AI (with HALion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE). I just happen to have a mac idling in the corner and it is the only machine that allows me to use those licenses. Worth a try since Yamaha’s own recording is quite limited.

The installation went OK, but I had some issues with the yamaha-mac-driver, re-installing it did the job. But now it seems that I need to watch some tutorials on how to use the new software. I’ve never used cubase before so the workflow is unknown to me.

Later I Rendered Audio! Three simple tests and while not much artistic gains were made, it’s good to have the basics set. Now I can build on this!

On the MODX I studied the synthesizer. Assign Buttons & Assign Knobs: These are good to know skills. At this point they may be a bit too much, but once I need these I at least know where they are. Sidechaining: I was able to create the famous ‘pump’ effect. Well it needs some adjustment as every instrument in the 3rd song was drowned because of the sidechained kick drum.

Other freebies Yamaha provides for MODX owners are the additional libraries. Montage Expanded, Kapro’s CS80, Chick’s Mark V, Bösendorfer 290 Imperial Grand Piano -libraries. This is all very cool! But there is a catch though. MODX has 1G reserved for the libraries (1.5G on the Montage). So I cannot put them all on the synth! Expanded, CS80 and Mark V are exactly 1G! I’m pretty sure they need like 300KiB more though. It is possible to load performances from “library A” and import selection of them to your “user library”, then export that as “library A2” and import it as new library. Making the library smaller. So basically I just need to remove few performances and that’ll give enough space for all of them (minus the omitted ones).

Then there’s the FM-importer. FM patches from certain older Yamahas are importable to MODX. These don’t take much space at all, since it’s just parameter data.