Updated My Journal (2021-03) Q1



★☆☆🟨 [DevOpsCluster] Ok. So I didn’t get all the parts. Need to get power cables.
★☆☆⬛ [Ancient Relics] No progress.
★★☆🟨 [Backups] Recovery from library fail. Backupsystem should be ready in Q2.


★☆☆⬛ [SMAX] No progress.
★☆☆🟨 [UTStatsDB] Old stats are functional in vm.
🟩 [Wiki] Done! [Q1]
☆🟨 [GMP] Started using gmp as my main player. Needs to be tested for max library size.


★★☆⬛ [ixbar3000] No progress. (TGT: MacOS Support, use gitlab)
★★★🟨 [Godot] Minimum: 4 released demos. Several demo-projects in progress.
★★☆🟨 [Godot] Optimal: (TGT: Take the best demo and finish it)


★★★🟨 [Fit] Fat-% is very difficult to verify without proper testing tools. Some progress and stable activity, hindered by one leg injury.
★★★🟨 [Fit] Minimum: 97kg, Sub 20% fat w/ 2300 cooper.
★★★🟨 [Fit] Optimal: 93kg, Sub 15% fat w/ 2600 cooper.
★★☆⬛ [JLPT] No progress.


★★☆🟩 [Painting] Minimum 1. Done. [Q1]
★☆☆🟨 [Painting] Optimal 6.
★★☆🟨 [Music] Minimum 1. Made few demo tracks. Nothing to boast about.
★☆☆🟨 [Music] EP worth of tracks.