Updated My Journal (2021-04)


[Wiki] Wiki is in use and has proven itself useful!
[gmp] After making the switch and some testing, the player has proven that it can handle my library and needs! foobar2000 still is better in tagging, but I say goodbye to guayadeque.


[Pajatso] this is a code-name for a game that is forming. Considerable amount of work has been done already. It really help to have people cooperating with the assets.

I need to make a showcase/progress type of page for these as text isn’t enough. Wiki has info, but it’s private.


[Music] Made my first drum-kit on the modx. It has some random voices as a test, but the main 6 parts are from YM2608 to fit the PC-98 aesthetics we’re aiming in the pajatso-game.