Updated My Journal (2021 Review)


Ancient Relics and Backups were done. DevOpsCluster remains in-progress state. This is a bit tricky for I’m dependent on external help on the power-cables and I’m not paying salary, so it’s prioritized accordingly.

On the software-side thing are a mixed bag. I was able to install community-wiki and change my audioplayer. These are good, but no work on ixbar3000?! The server is running 32-bit HW and ubuntu is dropping support “soon”, so I might need to migrate it somewhere sometime “soon”.

I was quite active with godot, unfortunately that ‘pajatso’ release didn’t happen as my artist collaborator got too busy at work. I started a new project to test a SMAC type game (since my CD is broken). I’m running into some problems with it’s performance on bigger maps; It will continue.


★☆☆🟨 [DevOpsCluster] Still missing the custom power cables.
★☆☆🟩 [Ancient Relics] Done! [Q4]
★★☆🟩 [Backups] Done! [Q4]


★☆☆🟥 [SMAX] Ripping CD resulted in broken image. SMAX CD seems to be damaged.
★☆☆🟨 [UTStatsDB] Old stats are functional in vm.
🟩 [Wiki] Done! [Q1]
☆🟩 [GMP] Done! [Q2] gmp is the current choice for linux music player.


★★☆🟥 [ixbar3000] No progress. (TGT: MacOS Support, use gitlab)
★★★🟩 [Godot] Minimum: 5 demos. (2d-anim, 3d-techdemo, suomiprojekti, arcade, planeetta)
★★☆🟥 [Godot] Optimal: (TGT: Take the best demo and finish it). This will be the arcade-demo: Pajatso.


On my fitness goals I reached the minimum target. That’s nice, far from optimal though. but JLPT-training was skipped completely!

★★★🟩 [Fit] Got rid of some fat, still far from the cooper distance.
★★★🟩 [Fit] Minimum: 97kg, Sub 20% fat w/ 2300 cooper.
★★★🟥 [Fit] Optimal: 93kg, Sub 15% fat w/ 2600 cooper.

★★☆🟥 [JLPT] No progress.


Did total of 7 pieces of art and dozen demo tracks. Output wise this is good result.

★★☆🟩 [Painting] Minimum 1. Done. [Q1]
★☆☆🟩 [Painting] Optimal 6. Done. [Q3]

★★☆🟩 [Music] Minimum 1. Made few demo tracks. Nothing to boast about.
★☆☆🟩 [Music] EP worth of tracks.


Massive… :D
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