Year 2022

Gamedev, Art and Fitness seems to be my main goals for the next year. Hopefully I can travel again. Journal-part of this site is quite boring as it’s just updates and the other parts are never updated. Alot of content is hosted on sites made for that (deviantArt, Gamejolt, Audious). So the content is there. I can’t host much here as it’s too expensive.


Two low-priority hardware projects.

★☆☆🟨 [DevOpsCluster] Still missing the custom power cables.
★☆☆⬛ [Raspi Server] Prepare Raspberry Pi 4 for the eventual server migration.


Tricky. Both got some love last year, but since CD is broken and UTStatsDB is on hiatus. I marked them <unplanned> as I don’t want to give up on them.

★☆☆🟥 [SMAX] Ripping CD resulted in broken image. SMAX CD seems to be damaged. <unplanned>
★☆☆🟨 [UTStatsDB] Old stats are functional in vm. <unplanned>


Godot development will continue, ixbar3000 should progress also.

★★☆⬛ [ixbar3000] No progress. (TGT: MacOS Support, use gitlab)
★★★ [Godot] Minimum: prioritize 3 demos, project pages for all. (2d-anim, 3d-techdemo, suomiprojekti, arcade, planeetta)
★★☆⬛ [Godot] Optimal: (TGT: Release Pajatso.)


I’ll keep the optimal goal, with adjustments for the weight as that was reached. JLPT is also <unplanned>, the current situation broke my training pattern and I might not be even close to that N3 or even N4.

★★★ [Fit] Minimum: Sub 20% fat.
★★☆ [Fit] Optimal: Sub 15% fat.
★★★ [Fit] 2300 cooper.
★★☆ [Fit] 2600 cooper.

★★☆ [JLPT] <unplanned>


The goals are achievable. Ofcourse if I wanted to be good, I should double the effort.

★★☆ [Painting] Minimum 1.
★☆☆ [Painting] Optimal 6.

★★☆ [Music] Minimum 1.
★☆☆ [Music] EP worth of tracks.