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Ayane in purple bikiniI’m not the gamer I used to be, but there are few… well, two series that I tend to follow, these are Unreal and Dead or Alive. IMHO UT3 was a failure as it was not a proper sequel, but only recycled material from Gears of War and I’m not alone with that opinion. However this post is about DoA so I rant about the decline of Unreal later.

So I bought DoA5 for the PS3 as I wanted a good game that would provide short sessions while I’m taking breaks from my daily thesis routine. I should probably write a review since I’m one of the very few people who is not a fan because of the “OMGZ boobz” -factor, but because of the actual gameplay and theme (DoA2 music FTW!).

DoA5 was released in 28.10.2012 (IIRC) and now only six months later they are releasing a sequel? Or should this be considered as a bonus pack(?), no that would be free. Stand-alone-add-on would be more suitable. As DoA5 itself has a lot of expensive DLC, why release this as a PS-vita game? more profits probably.

They do say that the content of DoA5+ is shared with DoA5 and vice versa. This would mean that one would not need to buy a PSV for the content, though the ~10k円 is quite heavy price for a few swimsuit videos. And I’m quite sure that the content will be released as DLC for the consoles too, thus the only goodies for the collectors are the hard-stuff.

DoA5+ Collectors Edition jpn-stuff

The new upcoming game DoA5+ collectors edition contains the following (translated by me, I’m only JLPT5 so don’t blame me for errors ;) ):

  • 12 Sexy Paradice Costumes DLC
  • Extreme Private Gravure Movie DLC
  • “I’m a Fighter” Custom skin
  • Gravure Bikini Guide
  • Dead or Alive 5 OST vol.2

The trailer says that the CE is prizes at 9,240 円!! Yeah that is about 75€ (with the Finnish taxes it’ll be closer to 90€).

Will I buy it? Probably not. I don’t have vita and this game isn’t good enough to buy a new system for. CE content is always nice, but in this case: DLC’s end up in PSN, the Custom Skin is a case for the vita? The photobook and OST that are intriguing, but I was disappointed by the first OST, I’d guess that the second one is pretty much the same. I don’t need one photobook that badly. I only wish they’d fix the broken AI.

DoA5+ Trailer

I have mixed feelings about this. It IS a fighting game, but the + makes things different ;)

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  2. That would be “a load of crap” and “You know” not “You now”. Thus we can conclude that your argument is full of errors and can be ignored. ;)

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