Tekken Revolutions & Dead or Alive Ultimate

About a month ago Tekken Revolution was released exclusively at PSN. The game uses the F2P model so it’s generally free, but uses micro-transactions for something. In TR’s case money is used to buy ‘coins’. These coins are then used to play matches. You have coins (2 for Arcade-mode and 5 for Online-mode) and they regenerate so at the moment there’s no need to use real money to access any features. I think that this is a very good way to introduce Tekken to new players as it requires no investment, but we’ll see if they decide to add some DLC-junk.

After DoA5 came DoA5+ for the PSP and then they announced DoA5U for PS3 and XB360. DoA5U comes in two variants one is F2P called “Core Fighters” and the actual retail game is just DoA5U (which comes in 5 variants: normal, collectors edition, CE-kasumi, CE-Momiji and CE-kasumi+momiji [24,990 円]!! [1]).

General Feel

Dead or Alive Ultimate Core Fighters is released at 6/9/2013 comes with 4 characters, Other characters can be bought for 5€ / character. You can also spend money (from 10€ to over 100€) to buy new clothes for the characters. (Perhaps the games slogan should be changed from “I’m A Fighter” to “I’m A Milker”)

Tekken Revolutions has eight characters that are playable from the start and there are also four unlockable characters. One of my favourite things is that in TR you gain EXP and money. These can be used to upgrade statistics of your characters. (Reminds me of OMF2097!) Asukas strikes don’t do enough damage? Invest few points in strength!


There’s no question that DoA has better roster. It has the best roster in any fighting games and Tekken poses no challenge. Where DoA’s roster is filled with beautiful women and strong men, Tekkens equivalent is full of freaks (it even has a farting bear that does insta-KO…  WTF Japan!).

Tekken Revolutions roster. While it does have a gay-swedish-superhero and a lot of DBZ-fans. There is only one good character: Azuka Kazama. The rest are meh, but atleast it doesn’t have that fart-bear.

The Full DoA5U will have superior roster in every way. Core Fighters is very limited only 4 (2 good, 2 meh)!

So it’s 2 vs 1.


TR is superior in one feature that DoA5 lacks. You know the time you spend when finding other players online? TR let’s you play against computer opponent while you wait. While in DoA5 you listen to rap and look at a spinning load-icon…

I’m pretty disgusted by Tecmos need to milk its fans for every drop of money. There’s no way to upgrade DoA5 to DoA5U! Tecmo said that “the games are so different that it’s impossible”. Now… everyone knows that’s a lie. They would deliver the entire game digitally and with the Online Pass that DoA5 has it could even be binded to player accounts. But no, they can make more money like this. Oh and DoA5 and DoA5U won’t be compatible…


If Tekken had better roster, I would switch camps immediately. The game design and flow are better in that.

But then again, If I had more money than brains, I would buy that 250€ double-CE and enjoy the 3d-mousepads…