ixbar3000 v0.23 released!

In this version we have lots of new features! ixbar3000 now has pre-parsed Gamebase Amiga and it works with both Windows and Linux. We have support for PC Engine-CD (win), 129 new corporate logos bringing the total up to 264! and much much more.

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Changelog 0.23


The search panel is cleaned by moving the functionality of two filter-buttons into a combobox. There is now two new images that modify the looks of ixbar3000, first by hiding the visibility of datapanel and second by iconizing the systemlist. These additions improve the usability and it looks tidier without the clutter!

+NEW!: Toggle Datapanel (0.22.1)
+NEW!: Iconized ClearSearch & Toggle Datapanel (0.22.2)
+NEW!: Systemlist iconizer (0.22.8)
+Usability: Merged filters into a combobox (0.22.9)

Database & Systems

023 brings support for several systems. PC-Engine-CD (windows/mednafen), Gamebase Amiga (windows/fs-uae; linux/fs-uae). Version 1.6 of Gamebase Amiga is imported into ixbar3000 v0.23 with lots of metadata! Lisf of windows games is at 22 with few excellent freeware games and the Touhou series added. Finally there’s the new novelty systems (Steam, Win3x, Win9x, Win8).

Internal functions have been improved: Truerip parser recognizes if the datfile is a superdat and acts accordingly and 7z-ISO -loader searches now recursively. Missing images can be saved into a file.

+NEW!: (Windows) PC-Engine-CD loader (mednafen 0.9.x) (0.22.3)
+NEW!: (Windows) Amiga Loader (fs-uae) (0.22.4)
+NEW!: Systems added (Steam,Win3x,Win9x,Win8,GBAMIGA) (0.22.5)
+NEW!: Truerip superdat parser (0.22.6)
+NEW!: PS2loader now recursive. (0.22.12)
-deprecated: DOSBOX & CBM loaders (0.22.14)
+Usability: Renamed PSX->7z-bin, PS2->7z-iso, PARAM->Direct, PARAMZ->Unzip (0.22.15)
+NEW!: New loaders now available in the combobox. (0.22.16)
+NEW!: Image values can be printed to console. (0.22.19)
+NEW!: Systems order is now displayed in the 'System Info' (0.22.21)
+NEW!: Available & Missing images can be plotted at Database-tab. (0.22.22)
+NEW!: (Linux) Amiga Loader (fs-uae). (0.22.23)


+NEW!: Options-tab allows GUI for configurations (0.22.20)


Features-page shows the progress of each pack. Unfortunately I have no place to host the imagepacks anymore as UbuntuOne is dead :(.



+Bugfix: Dreamcast GDI loader fixes (0.22.7)
+Bugfix: txtImporter fixes (0.22.10)
+Bugfix: GBAmiga loader fix -- checks adf. (0.22.11)
+Bugfix: GBAmiga loader fix -- better filereader. (0.22.13)
+Bugfix: Statistics now clears values when a new system is selected. (0.22.17)
+Bugfix: OMNI can now be the first selection. (0.22.18)