ixbar3000 v0.24 released!

This update brings two very awesome features. First is called canvas. It’s tk’s powerhouse of displaying 2d. In practice this means that I can finally start to deprecate the old textbox-hack once done two known bugs will be gone too. The second one is nothing less than multiplayer! Yup, it’s here and it’s crossplatform. You’ll need mednafen as your emulator.

Get it : DOWNLOAD | screenshots | Tweet me!

Changelog 0.24


Canvas technology allows pixel-perfect placement of elements. Supports alpha-layer and can have N-layers! Toggle systemlist twice to use. Metadata-editor digs corporation database to populate it’s combobox.

+NEW!: Comboboxes for Developer & Publisher. (0.23.8)
+NEW!: SL-canvas BGSlab. For testing, n-layers possible! (0.23.9)


Multiplayer requires mednafen. This is very barebones version of what might be. It can take some time to use same version of mednafen between the parties. There is only one server that may disappear or something.
+IRC Support added. (0.23.1)
+Bugfix: IRC Socket error. (0.23.2)
+NEW!: Multiplayer: username, location. (0.23.6)
+NEW!: Multiplayer: Server join! (0.23.10)
+Bugfix: 024rc2 username-fix (0.23.11b)
+NEW!: 024rc3 Saving Username & Region +Corplogos (0.23.11c)


Some fixes, some new.
Emulator Support
Linux – VirtualBoy – Mednafen – direct
Linux – PSX – Mednafen – 7z-cue
Linux – PSP – PPSSPP – 7z-iso
Linux – PS2 – PCSX2 – 7z-iso
Linux – DC – lxdream – 7z-gdi
Windows – NeoGeoPocket – Mednafen – direct
Windows – NeoGeoPocket Color – Mednafen – direct
Windows – Sega Pico – Fusion – direct
+Bugfix: Direct-loader didn't track time. (0.23.3)
+NEW!: Loader: 7z-cue. (0.23.4)
+NEW!: (Linux) DC Loader (lxdream). (0.23.5)

Imagepacks & Metadata

While the imagepacks improve, UbuntuOne is dead. This means that I have no way to distribute the images anymore.
Updated Imagepacks
PSX +3
PSP +179
Updated Metadata
SNES +14
PSP +179
New Corporate Logos


Daphne added as a platform, but it doesn’t work just yet. Some research was done on Xenia and RPCS3.
+NEW!: Platform: Daphne. (0.23.7)