ixbar3000 v0.26 released!

Named “Dragon Spirit”, ixbar3000 v0.26 continues it’s trail of awesomeness! I forgot to release v0.25 “Dragon Quarter” to the public so this post includes the updates from that too. It has been 9 months since the last official version, a lot has changed. I’ve found a cloud storage for the imagepaks and thus the imagepaks are now online! New paks include NTSC-Dreamcast and PSP (~30%).

Changelog 0.25 & 0.26


The Toppanel, once enabled, displays developer logo, in one exists. Enabled this by clicking the double-hammers below the searchbox.
Now it’s possible to set rating to 0.
Lost & Found seeks the Files found in romdir, but not matched in the datfile will be placed under the new Lost & Found item. This also means that ixbar3000 no longer requires datfiles, if other means are demanded by the user.
Experimental canvasmode in library, this could be expanded to radically change the library look of ixbar3000 to almost anything.
Toggling of systemlist and image panel possible.
NEW: added top panel (0.25.1)
FIX: option to rm rating (0.25.4)
NEW: Added Lost & Found (0.25.7)
FIX: Library/Canvas improvements - on/off (0.24.1)
FIX: Library/Canvas improvements - shaded (0.24.2)
NEW: Hide Library/SystemList. (0.24.6)


The logobrowser lets the user to browse all the included corporate logos. Statistics-tab has the button to open this. Scaling to fullscreen now works better.
NEW: added logobrowser (0.25.3)
NEW: Updated statistics to utilize Canvas. (0.24.7)


As long as the playername is not changed it will be randomized. MP also supports profile images. And finally there are new functions to handle disconnects and starts.
FIX: better MP randomizer (0.26.b)
NEW: MP-Profile Images. (0.24.3)
NEW: Multiplayer functions: AutoConnect & ReJoin. (0.24.11)


Developer mode added, this hides/shows all the developer tools, disabled by default for cleaner GUI.
A very basic digital product manual can be found as a new tab. This isn’t complete as it’s rather troublesome to edit.
NEW: added developer-mode (0.25.2) (0.26.a)
NEW: Added Software Manual (0.25.8)
REM: Deprecated Library/textmode. (0.24.5)

Usability & Bugfixes

Labels added for some checks. For example if the romdir is ok, a green box is displayed instead of a red one. GUI improvements on various sections.

FIX: imagepak checks (0.25.5)
FIX: romdir checks (0.25.6)
FIX: enhanced imagepak support (0.25.10)
FIX: Improved stats usability, better scaling (0.25.9)
FIX: improved datexplorer GUI (0.25.11)
FIX: GUI padding added to metaediting (0.25.12)
FIX: Zero counts added to Library (0.25.13)
FIX: NullDir hander for Lostandfound (0.26.c)
NEW: MP profile save. (0.24.9)
FIX: Stat regression fix. Publisher shows more than one. (0.24.8)
FIX: CabnietControl Virtual-lock crashed if the 1st was nested. (0.24.10)
FIX: Proper release data (MPname). (0.25.a)