ixbar3000 v27 released!

ixbar3000 v0.27 codenamed “Green Dragon” (should be Forever Delayed) is finally released. This one got delayed for about three months! I was about to release it earlier, but then I got the metadata for the Win3x0 project (windows 3.x) and I decided to include that as well. It turned out not to be as simple as I originally thought, but I did rewrite some exodos parts too meaning that it is now much easier to get both exo projects to work (exodos & win3x0). There’s also a brand new steam database! and plethora of updates to the old ones. Updated Imagepaks are also provided.

Download ixbar3000 | Main page with Imagepaks

ixbar3000 has reached some level of maturity as this is the very first version that has no new features. While there are new features planned these aren’t as important as solidifying the previous ones. This is probably the case with the next version as it would be very easy to include demobases as they can use the already existing emulators and loaders. All in all I’m pretty damn proud of this “little” program. Sure there are probably unknown bugs and glitches, but ixbar3000 has surpassed it’s original design goal. Like that actually working multiplayer & onlinelobby — it’s something I couldn’t. even imagine possible! This being said I’m taking a break from ixbar3000’s development and do something with godot. I need to think whether these upcoming features are worth it or should I refactor the entire project.

Updated Imagepacks

PSP +153 (1045)
Win3.x: +1089 (1089)
DOS: +990 (5164)
Steam: +5968 (NEW)

Updated Metadata

Sega Master System +520 (525)
PSP +153 (1045)
DOS: ExoDOS v2 +990 (5193)
Win3.x: Win3x0 +1089 (NEW)
Steam +5927 (NEW)
Metadata fixes on Amiga, Dos and SNES databases.

New Corporate Logos

+60 (493)


  • New systems: Win3x0 (Windows 3.x) and Steam.
  • Improved exodos-loader: Lowers the harddisk requirements for the exodos-project 8GB! (If you have exodos v1 installed, you can now delete the games directory under ixbar3000/ROM/IBMPC.)
  • Multi-CD autoloader for ExoDOS and Win3x0.
  • Additional research revealed that DOS Multiplayer IS possible through ixbar3000’s MP-interface! This also applies to Amiga.
  • ixbar3000 with ActiveTCL 8.6 works fine under Linux.
  • Removed awards for now. It’s currently affected by some regression bug.
  • Usability: Improved scaling on various resolutions / tabs. Some options are moved into developer-mode. Added additional checks for some errors.


  • More gamebase imports. There are several demobase authors who have given me permission to import their databases into ixbar3000.
  • Multiplayer support for DOS.
  • Multiplayer support for Amiga.
  • Support for ROM-Translations.
  • Fix the regression-bug in awards! (only the first entry works)
  • Savedata GET for dos. It’s possible to keep savedata separate from the gamedata. It would allow removing of the gamedata without affecting the saves. This is how it’s done with mednafen.
  • Merge daisaris-hentai-db to WinXP. Since erotic games seems to be plentiful in already existing databases this issue is no longer as relevant. I got this db few years ago and decided not to include it in, but the future versions will include it. The problem is that I only got a text file and some images, ie not a datfile so I have to manually insert the entries. It’ll take some time. Also some images will not be included as they are just … horrendous!
  • Adult filter. Relating to the above ;P
  • PS3 metadata & database population. These already exists in my project files. Now I just need to write a parser/importer.
  • On non latin names: should it use ie. Japanese names or Romaji or translations?