Updated My Journal (2018 – week7)

Well what can I say. A lot has happened and nothing to report. ixbar3000 +extras, catastrophic server upgrade, game making with godot, life without internet is … odd.

(Maybe) I should start reporting my progress on my projects more than once in two years!

Server stuff

Let’s start with the server upgrade. In my naivety, I thought that running LTS version of ubuntu would make things easier, as in worry-free, but man was I wrong. LTS to LTS upgrade broke every service that I had there running. Well almost, UT -servers still work, but those using the LAMP-stack did fail. MySQL was upgraded from 5.5 to 5.7 and that caused problems on the databases. PHP was upgraded from 5 to 7 thus I had problems with the programs. The main issue I have is the lost data. I do make backups, but now I have to wait for the programs I use to update and then do more work on the server. I will probably deprecate services not in use and transfer some data off-server. However there is the one thing I kind of “need” the utstatsdb, seeing that the program hasn’t been upgraded for years got me thinking… Maybe I should make my own! This of course would mean that I’d have to start yet another project. That list is just way too long. But it would be nice to have, since all the other databases miss some crucial features I’d like to have (this reasoning prompted me to start ixbar3000 :P).


I still play around with godot, in hopes that someday I’ll release a game. Basic game logic is implemented and now I’m working with graphics and AI, and FFS the alcohol intake during the creative process in insane. I’m making everything myself except the music and other audio. I’m kind of worried whether I’ll ever release anything though, since I have standards and especially on the art-side I’m weak. 10000 hours they say, that’s roughly 9500 to go.
Godot is good, it has great license and works on my main machine which is a linux. The only annoying thing is the python-like format when writing gd-script. I just don’t like when the flow of my code is dictated by some invisible control characters.

I’m also doing some research on 3D with recently released Godot 3. Unfortunately It does not work with my computer as it requires newer OpenGLES that what my rig has. On this project I’m working with a friend, I’m doing 3d-models with blender and my friend is doing the code.


I got the PSVR! The entire reason for me to get the PS4 in the first place was DOAX3 since it was promised VR. And it is glorious! Total cost of the things is about 1000 € (PS4+PSVR+importing DOAX3 Saikyou edition), but it’s all worth it. Ace Combat 7 will be released (this year!) with VR support too, that should be cool too. The only bad thing is that I’m less productive now. The mess with the cables is horrible though!


During my winter-vacation I met nano2, a friend who used to collaborate with me on ixbar3000! He used to supply the necessary metadata for the Neo Kobe parts. With some luck we will have PC9801 and PC8801 support on ixbar3000 this year! Unfortunately time is much more limited nowadays. And my internet-less life make upgrading projects harder. I did notice most unfortunate thing: Neo Kobe -project has changed it’s naming convention and thus the 2016+ releases are not compatible with the loaders.

Oh and this year is the 10th anniversary of ixbar3000. I should bake a cake, or a special release.

Version 30 is released btw.

Known issues:

  • Joystick support is disabled as it crashes ixb3k on windows. Linux users can however enable it by setting the 0 into 1, “set bJoystick 0”, on ./SYS/fn_joystick.tcl .
  • spaces and other special characters on directory names may cause some loaders to fail. This is strange since it’s so elusive. For example mednafen fails to load .cue of PSX, but works fine with SNES roms. I have no idea why people use spaces on the directory names so this bug got in quite early.

In conclusion, for the next year.

I have to program ixbar3000 and that godot-game. I should also do the utstats replacement and I’m also contemplating on making a console musicplayer with perl and fix the damn server. That all while avoiding everything with PS4. I should also work and hit the gym and … something about JLP.. LPJT.. ah whatever, I forgot.
With all the things above and my personal stuff combined, I really need to collaborate with someone. There’s just no way I can finish them all.