Updated My Journal (2018W31)

Internet was fun.

First boot and firefox gave me “Assertion failure: [unhandlable oom] Failed to allocate object while tenuring.” and crashed. Had to issue the renew firefox, which worked, but all of my plugins and themes were obsolete. Several websites were out too. I’m a bit disturbed how it’s the large corporate sites that remain and all the great hobbyist sites seem to disappear one-by-one.

ixbar3000 — The Decade edition!

Pushed ixbar3000 to sourceforge, didn’t have time to test it unfortunately. So I might need to patch it soon (I always forget something). That’s how I do my 10 year anniversary updates! Yeah! That didn’t go quite as planned. Git was not friendly with my push-attempt at first. So I’m not even sure if the damn thing even works.

Fixed a computer

There was a computer stuck in login loop. You set your account info, screen turns black for a moment and then You’re back at the login screen! Very annoying! First I fixed that. Then I noticed that the machine was also running unsupported version of Ubuntu and for that I had to edit some repos manually. And now that machine works more as it should. And as LTS it should be safe for years.

Upgraded my amplifier

I replaced my old Panasonic SA-AK40 with even older Akai AA-R31L! That Akai is older than I’m, but it looks so cool. It also have better functionality bass/treble/balance are on knobs instead of the 6 presets in panasonic.

Other stuff

I finally have my very own rack! Now all my server stuff have a place to be!
So beautiful.

I bought a very NES Castlevaniaish game, Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon Nice little distraction.
And while online I was able to unlock several suits in DoAX3. Pistachio, Scallops, Peace and Savannah! Later on Clione was an option too, but that’s some kind of nurse thing, meh.


Vacation over, 6 weeks until next one.