Updated My Journal (2018W33)

AARGH! I don’t like Vista not a bit. I tried some emulators and:
PCSX2 1.4.0 fails to start because I’m missing some msredist files.
PPSSPP fails because Windows Vistas DEP prevents it’s use!
I tried to take a little video too, but I have no tools for that. Then I had to download some tools, but they required SP2 and still they didn’t install, because I needed a “platform upgrade”…

10 years of ixbar3000 (and the git-code fails :P)!
Such ambitious project having features still not available in any of the competition. While this gives me some satisfaction it does sadden me that I was unable to build a community around it. There will be a proper update post later. Once I make the damn thing work (protip: the git version works now).

Ah yeah, I got some specs for the NES game I’m doing with a friend. I should make that.

And I’m now testing a discord server. https://discord.gg/gZ8qceb